13 May, 2015

"Legends of La Cienega - O, for a Muse of Fire . . . "

Greetings -

As soon as I was contacted by LDCQ to be one of this year's window designers . . . my mind began to race.  As soon as they told me that this year's theme was "Where Muses Dwell" . . . my mind came to an immediate halt.

Not to be a complete Shakespeare nerd - but, the opening lines of Henry V - "O, for a muse of fire . . . " - leapt into my mind and never faded.

So . . . Shakespeare is was going to be.  Now . . . what the hell were we going to do with that idea?

The very first thing we did was announce it.  Often that makes everything easier - because now I couldn't change my mind.  And there's nothing like a hard deadline to keep the creative juices flowing.

So now the fun part begins . . . pulling together all the various pieces of the puzzle to create our window!

We were immediately partnered with Mehraban Rugs - and what a perfect partnership!  
They are an amazing source for beautiful carpets - and a 
marvelous selection of spectacular tapestries. 

And we all know how I love to layer -
so we wanted to have a several floor coverings to make the
space feel lush and royal.

With the great number of antiques I was plotting for the space -
I needed to be sure we had some contemporary pieces to give the space
some kinetic energy . . . and the fine folks at Dune and Duchess were the
perfect solution.  These black lacquered modern candelabra were the perfect
counterpoint to the historic pieces.

I also wanted to use this window as an opportunity to offer a sneak peek at our
upcoming collection for SMW Home.  Our Grendel Faux Fur Throw
(coming this Fall!) was going to fit in perfectly! 

Lordy I LOVE these!  We needed some height and drama for the long banquet table -
so this pair antique gryffin from Antique and Art Exchange were an early find! 

Perfect.  Perfect.  Perfect.  Jacobean chest.  Fabulous leather chair.  Hand-carved Trunk.
Everything was really starting to come together! 

Speaking of adding some 'modern' to the mix . . . the artwork by Filip Dujardin from 
Coup d'Etat was really going to keep things from feeling too much
like a museum.  It's alway important to me to make sure we're working
*both* ends of the timeline.  So that the more antiques I added to the space meant that we
needed very contemporary pieces for balance and interest. 


Ok.  Now that we have all the 'players' - let's put on a show.
Because we had such a HUGE space to work with (the window is more than 16 feet across),
something VERY theatrical was needed . . . so we did just that . . . created a theatre.

I took the idea of a modern production of Henry V - and actually set it 'on stage' - so that the 
center of the window felt very lush and dramatic - but, as your eyed began to
stray left or right you had the sense of seeing behind the scenes.

Have a look . . . 

Thank you to everyone kind enough to partner with us on this great window - and especially to the entire team at LCDQLA.  Until next year . . .


17 April, 2015

"Charlotte Moss - Garden Inspirations . . . "

Charlotte Moss


To openly declare my unending love and respect for Charlotte Moss is not going to catch anyone by surprise around these parts.  I've always been inspired not only by her gracious manner and amazing eye - but, also her laser-sharp business acumen.  Basically, she's cooking on all four burners all the time - and looks amazing doing so.

If you'd like a wee peek into Charlotte's lovely world - you can do no better than finding her new book - "Garden Inspirations."

I was delighted to have a advance look at its lovely pages . . . and have a few here to share with you.

Just bask in the beauty . . . . 

I really love her use of statuary to help define spaces within the larger garden. 

I remember hearing Charlotte speaking years ago about her love
of custom lampshades.  And these couldn't be more perfect! 

Colour.  Texture.  Contrast.
This image is EVERYTHING! 

You can purchase the book here.


08 April, 2015

"National Tartan Day, 2015 - Part 3 . . . "


As you might be able to imagine, things get delightfully hectic around these parts each year when National Tartan Day rolls around.  So, I wanted to share another great interview that we had on Masculine Interiors on Monday - talking all about my love for this aforementioned textile.

Take a look . . .


06 April, 2015

"National Tartan Day, 2015 - Part 2 . . . "


I thought I'd take the opportunity to share a few of the things we're working on for Scot Meacham Wood Home - in honour of National Tartan Day.  Though we're not "all plaid all the time" around these parts - there's clearly more than a healthy helping of tartan in many of our projects - and as an inspiration for our upcoming SMW Home launch later this year.

So . . . let me introduce a few new friends of mine . . . .

SMW Home's "Scudder Tattersall" in 100% wool.
Inspired by the textiles of a classic English shooting weekend - but,
perfect for upholstery, drapes, or decorative pillows! 

Our SMWHome "Mayfair" Upholstered Headboard
in our Ancient Campbell tartan with brass nailhead trim. 

A beautifully curated collection of Victorian tartanware boxes
and various Scottish treasures! 

Our custom "Leland Tartan" in 100% wool.  In classic
aubergine and forest green - updated not only with
a jolt of sharp citron yellow - but oversized for a
serious punch of drama and style. 

I love this charming little woven - "Mary Ann Damask."
Simple winding foliage on a striated background.

And any collection with my name on it would not
be complete without a selection of trims and fringes - here shown on 
SMWHome's "MacLeod Tartan" - a classic - but, with the 
colour cranked up a bit for a more modern feel.

We'll keep sharing images over the next few months - and look for our complete collection to launch in September of 2015 - textiles, trims, home accessories, furniture, and antiques.

Exciting times!

"National Tartan Day, 2015 - Part 1 . . . "


To help celebrate this year's National Tartan Day - I thought we'd take a tiny trip in the 'way-back-machine' to last December when I spent an incredible week in Scotland working on Scot Meacham Wood Home.  One of the highlights of the trip was a lazy late afternoon wandering the streets of Edinburgh with nothing but an empty calendar and the fully charged camera battery.

Come . . . let's look around . . .

Stop back by later in the day . . . I want to share a few advance images of SMW Home with you!


24 March, 2015

"Inspiration Point - Lacquered Walls . . . "


I'm oddly fascinated by this shade of blue these days . . . and I seem to be seeing it EVERYWHERE!

The combination of the lacquered walls, mirror, chrome, crystal, varnished wood is incredible.



12 March, 2015

"SMW Design Proudly Announces . . . "


We here at SMW Design are delighted to announce our participation in the expansion of our Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.

Ronald McDonald House at Stanford continues to see an overwhelming number of families requesting a place to stay. This home-away-from-home is full nearly every night of the year, forced to turn away families in need. Additionally, families are staying longer amounts of time. Medical advances and innovative research are allowing doctors to treat and save children who were once thought terminal and perform more sophisticated procedures in outpatient settings, which require young patients to stay in close proximity to the hospital.

The House now offers families so much more than its founders could have hoped for, it’s more than a room with a shower and a bed. The program offerings at the House have grown exponentially and make a huge impact in creating the community environment that supports these families. Together it all makes Ronald McDonald House at Stanford the place “where hope has a home.”

We consider this a huge honor to be associated with such an amazing facility - and we are completely humbled by the heartwarming stories of the families using Ronald McDonald House at Stanford every day.  Stay tuned for more information . . . 


09 March, 2015

"Inspiration Point - Gallery Wall . . . "


After what has been a long break - I'm actually re-discovering my love of Pinterest!  Maybe it's because we're starting to shoot imagery for SMWHome . . . maybe it's because it's a great place to noodle around in the evenings before bed . . . maybe it's just a simple banquet of delightful images to inspire me.

But - I thought I'd share a few of my favourites here . . . and keep this conversation going as well.

I LOVE this bedroom.  I love the colours.  I love the restrained use of pattern (WHO thought I'd ever say THAT!).  And, clearly, I love the artwork.


13 February, 2015

"Q&A w/ SMW on HB.com . . . "


I was certainly excited to see the newly designed website at House Beautiful - a much cleaner, more image driven site as compared to their previous one.  I was also delighted to see that they had included a compilation of all of my existing articles.

Take a look -


07 February, 2015

"Masculine Interiors Interview . . . "

Greetings -

Just wanted to share a great introduction to SMW Home - today on Masculine Interiors.

More news from us in the next few days!

Cheers - and hope you're having a great weekend,

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